AVENGERS: ENDGAME – All Deleted Scenes [HD] Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Marvel Movie Clip HD


  1. 1st MCU movie when i was in high school

    Avengers ENDGAME when i finished my MBA

    Thank you MARVEL for this amazing experience ❤

  2. Yea right Tessa Thompson kneeling down before a white guy that probably destroyed her inside..She probably got that scene cut..And why she doesn't want to work with white men anymore..Loll shez a fucking sad human being..!!!

  3. 0:53 – 0:56 ladies and Gentlemen, DON CHEADLE AND HIS NO-NONSENSE VERSION OF JAMES RHODES!!! a man willing to ask the hard question.
    but wait… if he had, he wouldn't be here now to help you guys. he wouldn't have been there for the battle in New York. there's no Avengers without him, Rhodey.

  4. 2:32 i wonder how awkward it was for both the characters to realize they would have this scene together. i mean… that guy plays his father and he died in an assassination attempt, which the Winter Soldier made to look like an accident. i betcha they didn't know this scene was going to happen, don't ya think? O_o

  5. in the deleted scene where quill bows he's with Nebula, and Valkerie, so techinally Gamora should've been with them. BUT since she's not, it probably indicates she was snapped with Thano's, and that she wasn't able to return to her timeline and fall in love with 'past' Quill.

  6. There is no way Doctor Strange would get someone else to sacrifice their life.
    He is no one to decide who's life is more valuable …Tony's life is not less valuable than those whose who blipped.
    You will say that Tony chose to do it then you are wrong.
    It was Doctor Strange who decided which possible outcome to choose and at what time he would give up the stone to thanos which will lead to this point so logically Tony was not given a choice and it was all Doctor Strange's plot.

  7. Damn why didn’t they include the seen were everyone was kneeling it would’ve made the scene even more powerful and heartbreaking than it already was.

  8. Did anybody else see the epic rap battles religion ad??? I bet that ruffled some feathers.

  9. From the moment they invented time travel they can do ANYTHING! That's why I was a little sad that this was the plot to end marvel franshige. I'm sure they will bring Ironman back in the future. Or if they miss him so badly they could go into the past and visit him.

  10. Why did they remove the scene when they all payed respects to Tony’s death it would’ve made it more meaningful

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