AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Final Trailer (Extended) Marvel


  1. A e nào thích xem dấu phá thương khung phần 2 vào dây xem nhé.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzW7ZXaedbMLjFoSll9t33Jk4AYf-gtbC

  2. 7 billion people on this doomed and desperately overcrowded planet and Thanos can wipe out half of them with a snap of his fingers? So . . . is there a downside to that? Or am I missing something???


    Edit: Who else screamed when they saw Doctor Strange being tortured?

  4. Personaly i'm not for the avengers when i see how humans treat the planet and his creatures. GO BLACK ORDER! DESTROY HUMANITY BUT LET NATURE AND CREATURES LIVE!

  5. Ah the memories from the 90's when it was Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos Quest. All the cross overs really put a dent in my wallet. lol

  6. Anyone know if Thanos gets all the stones and uses them in this film against our heroes or does he get them all and thats how the film ends (to continue next summer)

  7. i enjoy the movie worth epic but at the same time. i am very very disappointed because they killed the Character of LOKI and he is favorite. Hope they would bring him back.

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  9. This movie is as good as the trailer…Very good..I am so happy Marvel does not employ idiots like Lucasfilm does. Lucasfilm would have made billions more and episode 9 would not be DOA if they were on par with Marvel quality.

  10. This may be a dumb question, but:  Dr. Strange gave THANOS the Time Stone to save Tony.  The snap is random. So, did Strange KNOW that this snap (in this timeline?) would spare Tony? Other than "because movie" , why / how / could Strange and/or THANOS "know" Stark would be spared?!

  11. Thanos: "When I am done, half of humanity will still exist."

    They straight up gave away the ending. I know that it was already done in the comics but still.

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