GUNDALA Official Trailer (2020) Superhero Movie HD


  1. Nice fight scenes but when the guy started shooting lightning with his hands, hell nuh I aint watchin it

  2. I think Disney wants to buy Zee World and Zee TV, cause that looks like the robot from big hero 6

  3. Gundala is not a Superhero but a hero like The Raid whose hero Rama (Iko Uwais) is just that Gundala gets the Lightning Power of the God of Lightning. He was chosen by the god of thunder to use that power for good. The Gundala film is different from Marvel or DC because this film only costs 30 billion. different from Marvel or DC that spends hundreds of billions and even trillions. I hope you guys watch this, Indonesia cannot use great CGI because of limited technology and money, but you will get the best story. The costume here is a temporary Gundala costume. In the Credit Scene you will see a cool costume where this costume is made at home. Daredevil costume production … you will definitely like it. Guard of Earth Sky where there are many Hero Characters. and enemies. if you are bored with MCU or DC. you can see this Superhero.

  4. Gandulad shoots lightning bolts even from his arse so u don't fuck with him or get electrified bzzz bzzzz

  5. This movie has no special effect like Marvel or DC, but Gundala has a good story and martial arts.

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