INHUMANS _ Betrayal Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Series HD


  1. Are people really planning on going to see #Inhumans in theaters? I feel bad that you're gonna waste your money

  2. I keep seeing the same 10 clips stringed together in only three set pieces. Why wasn't this given a decent budget to begin with? Since Marvel can't make a FF film I would think they would turn Marvel's Royal Family into a real profitable franchise.

  3. Medusa' hair is distracting. I grant you, its a difficult effect to achieve but its so clearly a big ole red-wig when "at rest" and the effect looks cheap, this despite the fact that its probably VERY expensive

  4. This looks shit. That stupid hair is annoying. This never released as a movie because it would flop. It will flop as a tv show as well. Probably the worst I've seen from Marvel.

  5. Marvel should really think about canceling the entire series and Imax movie before it is released because this just seriously hurts their brand. It looks really cheap and like complete crap.

  6. Medusa is like one of the main characters in this series and her hair… god the graphics are like something out of a low budget sci-fi movie from the 90. Expected more.

  7. Every single person involved in this obviously didn't have a clue what they were doing … And embarrassment all round

  8. I heard the imax ticket sales are low? LMAO. Just scared they're going to take this on the X-Men. They have been petty af.

  9. What have they done to Medusa? I'm not talking only about her hair (who look awful by the way) but all the design, she is suposed to be a Queen, a gorgeous woman who always is dressed and acts as royalty, there she looks as dressed in a kind of bag who makes her look fat, square, lacking of neck, and only uses her hair as an extra arm instead of all the creative uses she can do.

  10. Young people complain about CGI all the time. It looks way better than anything made 20 years ago. Look at the ghosts coming out of the ark in Raiders of the lost Ark, or the affects from other great films in the 80's 90's which are considered amazing and you complain about Medusa's hair. It looks amazing by today's standards you spoiled bitches. Animate it yourself if you can do better.

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