Leslie Mann Turned Cameron Diaz Into Her Roller-Skating Buddy


  1. The side eye those cats must give Judd when he gets mad at them for shedding on the furniture must be epic.

  2. and to think I almost did'nt click on this video because I did not knew this person
    and she is sssooooo funny oh my god
    can't wait to see the movie

  3. Sometimes the conversation turns to how unrealistic Judd Apatow movies are, with stoner-type dudes ending up with women way out of their league. It's supposed to be a truth in life, except Judd proves it isn't unrealistic at all. So now I'm confused. Is it just my own fault that I can't geek my way to fulfillment? 🙂

  4. It's the bubble effect she's so bubbly great ass to I know she's probably not like that 24/7 at home but her husband should really count his blessings that he can walk up and give her a hug anytime he wants so I don't know how anybody could get antsy being cooped up with her

  5. I wonder if Leslie ever gets sick of talking about Judd in interviews? Love them both (couple goals) just wondering.

  6. Leslie has been one of my favorite actresses since "17 Again", "The Other Woman", "Big Daddy", etc. I also love her laugh!

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