Planes: Fire & Rescue Official “Thunder” Trailer (2014) – Disney Animation Sequel HD


  1. I so love this world of Cars and Planes and Turbo animation, Just keep them rolling out and I will go and see them, whether it does well at the movie or not.

  2. well this don't look bad as it looks, will watch at least 1 time to see how it go. but not in theater though lol

  3. There should be a reason pixar gave disney full controll over this movie, its probably not going to be that good.

  4. I didn't see Planes, but the trailer for this is pretty good, i don't know why so  many people are upset

  5. I just realize that this is a sequel of a movie that i didn't know that exist !! i didn't know about "planes" wtf pixar…. why are you making a sequel of a movie that wasn't that successful … 

  6. Pixar shouldn't waste their time on shit like this. Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory would have been out by now

  7. What's profitable: tonka toys
    What kids like: rescue vehicles, ac-dc, planes, choppers, country music, innuendos.
    Looks like a bad movie but a profitable one

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