SAINt JHN: Sucks To Be You


  1. As a senior citizen I gotta say, You ain't my James Brown. You ain't my Bob Marley, or Dylan or my John Lennon. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are going to high places. I am proud to follow you as your journey progresses.
    Jim North, old Caucasian/Indigenous peoples gentleman. I will be here.

  2. Oh ho, glad to see this guy get some recognition. If you like this, you guys should check out his collab with Teflon Sega- Beretta Lake

  3. Happy to see SAINt JHN's finally getting some mainstream attention; he's a great artist I've been listening to for a few years now – Ghetto Lenny's Love Songs (I Can Fucking Tell, Cult 4Ever, Monica Lewinsky, and Trophies) and Collection One (Lust, 3 Below, Reflex, etc.) albums were AMAZING with great vibes and resonating lyrics

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