Thank You Notes: Trump’s Twitter, Zoom Thanksgiving


  1. سلام دوستان بدانید آمریکا بدانید تلفنم من را دوز ده است دونفر در اینجا در یک ساختمان با من در طبقه بالایی ‌است شما در تمام بی بی سی سی اعلان کنید که تلفن من را دوز دیده است باید بر‌گرداند تلفن مال من است ا کی با شما اعلان کنید که تلفن مال من است ب بدانید باید بیاره

  2. Thank you Jimmy. Happy Holiday. Don't let Ted Cruz disappearance worry you. He's hiding trying to whittle his nose down because he wants to be a real boy.

  3. Hmmm… I'm not sure any one of those people, or companies, ever received a thank you note card. 😉

    Have you ever seen any of them send a Thank You card back to Jimmy — one that he actually read out loud — on the air?…

  4. Jimmy has been going in hard on Rump since the results. It surprised me since he was so weak on asking him anything good when he was on this show.

  5. My favorite part of this bit is the sweet thank you note writing music The Roots jam to after its all done. Now they cut way too fast to hear it and it makes me sad. Guess I'll just have to watch on Hulu.

  6. OMG is it true? gluten free oreos? I think I'm going to cry from happiness!!! Oreos how I've missed you!

  7. My thank you music please….Thank you pepsi bottles for looking like every one in quarantine trying on their old pants bluh bluh bluh bluh….Thank you Sara like ewww…cos 'Hs' are ew

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