THE DUSTWALKER Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Horror Movie


  1. Great videos creator

    Create a wonderful video! So easy

  2. Is that the same monster from the movie GREMLIN that comes out of the box thingy that will kill you if you dont pass it on to the next house in your neighborhood in 24 hours? they look the same to me but this one is infecting the humans.

  3. Worse fucking movie ever!!!!WORSE FUCKING ACTORS EVER!!! Im not even hire them playing school theater for kids!!!!

  4. Haven't seen this movie yet but da trailer really gets under my skin.its kind of like life n body snatchers combined. U gotta love any alien horror movie.

  5. Not recommended, I couldn't believe that 2020 they still using technique of 2000's to make movie like this, just dissapointed, 90 mins wasted at cinema…

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