The Funniest Donald Trump Stories On The Graham Norton Show | Part Two


  1. Someone said on part 1 tht there would be a part 2 I liked tht comment and here we are clicked as soon as I read the title

  2. Jennifer: "I never thought I wanted to Kill Johnny Depp before." LOL
    Amber Heard – Has entered the chat.

  3. Idc about trump then you hear them spending minutes what seems a lifetime talking about how they hate him personally to me it's just not in my life I could care less about said person

  4. Bunch of a holes. Hollywood is DEAD or haven’t you heard? Real people don’t care what they have to say.

  5. Charlize is certainly a most beautiful woman and a very good actress, but she lacks the empathy factor, warmth, and pleasantness: she's the ice blond Mr. Hitchcock would enjoy sadistically direct both in his movies and in her personal life.

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