TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 3 (NEW, 2019) Pixar Animation Movie HD


  1. Even if it looks like the same plot in every story, I don't think anyone really cares. It's Toy story, it looks awesome! They're not terribly predictable, we don't even know the special plot twists or anything yet. I'm just excited to see another toy story movie, I thought the last was… the last, so, this is a surprise! 😀
    I mean, the other one wasn't 'the end' that was just the end of them being with Andy. This movie shows how their new life with Bonnie begins.

  2. I love the trailer but it scares me to think of what other objects are alive, if forky is brought to life with arms legs eyes and a mouth and knows his purpose

  3. Idk like i am happy there's another one but after that furnace scene idk if i can take it anymore

  4. i love toys story. always wished for another part and there will be one. IM SO HAPPY FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN.

  5. 0:36 nadie más va a comentar que esto sucede amenudo en sus películas?
    Ya saben, Loxxo, el rescate de Buzz :^

    Fans: queremos algo nuevo, no seguir fórmulas!

    Disney: las fórmulas funcionan, me gustan las fórmulas

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