War of the Worlds Goliath Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Animated Sci-Fi Movie HD


  1. the movie war of the worlds Goliath is a unique take on the original novel by H.G Wells the animation was nicely done and as well as the story one problem for me was character development I remember only two characters had a background so I gonna give it 7.5/10

  2. Watched half it and I had to stop it sucks the animation is terrible and voice actors are terrible has a really interesting concept but yeah I think they fucked it up would like to see a sequel where characters and animation are better.

  3. No idea why but five years after the movie comes out, a bootleg version of this film comes up in my recommended. Watched it for a few minutes before renting the official (and better looking) version. Wishing now that I hadn't caught sight of it. (I am now five bucks poorer, thanks YouTube)

    Interesting concept, loved the art and atmosphere. I will say tho that the dialogue was very clunky and inorganic. Alot of elements meant to create a sense of suspense and conflict was just as quickly and lazily tied up including the "big ending" which was very anticlimactic to say the least. Also, that has gotta be the tiniest pathetic attempt at an invasion force ever portrayed in an alien invasion movie ever. I know it's 1915 and our tech isn't nearly where it is now but we're still a global-spanning civilization and we were building up to all out war with each other. If you're gonna invade a planet DON'T pick a time when we're arming ourselves to the teeth and already on our toes. If they woulda waited four more years THAT would have been smarter.

    The international A.R.E.S. is made up of suuuuper stereotypical characters that you really just can't get behind. Maybe alien invasion is too blame but the 'main' characters (more on that later) all seemed as dead inside as I was during highschool. The most emotion I saw in the whole movie was from the blond girl leading up to the love-scene-that-we'll-never-get-to-see (those were the most do-me'est do-me eyes I've ever seen in any film. Lion King just lost that contest).

    The film is titled "War of the Worlds: Goliath" suggesting that story will focus around the giant mech, Goliath and its crew…but it doesn't. The audience perspective jumps around between them and so many other people so much that the "Goliath" portion of the movie's title seems only to make it stand out against all the other "War of the Worlds'".

    If you ask me "Is it worth five dollars?", I would say no. But hey:

    Teddy Roosevelt wielding a heat ray atop a giant walking tank.

  4. Found this on Netflix. Never knew this movie exist and my country Malaysia made this movie along with US. There's two Malaysian voice actors that I can identify, Tony Eusoff and Amelia Thripura Henderson (minor role). There's also a Malayan military officer, Lieutenant Raja Iskandar Shah. Presumably he's a Muslim as I noticed he drink coffee or tea when the rest of his squad drink beer. And the "Raja" and "Shah " in his name mean he is of a royal blood. Why this movie never been mention among the Malaysian netizens is beyond me.

  5. The trailers are better than the movie, honestly.
    All the sick dialogue that's actually delivered with any conviction of feeling is used in these trailers, and are pretty well composed with the music and action to get your heart racing.
    Sadly, the movie isn't as good. Characters are hollow and leave much to be desired in their developments and backstories. There were plenty of cool ideas, but they just felt glossed over.
    Shame too.
    Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining, but not in the ways it seemed to advertise or promise.
    It seriously had so much potential.

  6. I have no idea how anyone could enjoy this. This was a tragedy of a film in all respects.

  7. Don't waste your time watching the BBCs woke adaptation of the original novel. Watch this instead. It's much better written and more entertaining all round.

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