What the Hell Happened This Week? – Week Of 11/16/2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show


  1. @TheDailyShowwithTrevorNoah – Trevor – Trump Talked Kemp into Stopping The Count BEFORE IT WAS FINISHED = The Un-counted Vote – DONT BE FOOLED ! – YES The Georgia vote Count WAS Still in Process of being counted WHEN THEY " STOPPED THE COUNT " !

  2. Good person: Rioting in the streets because the Government keeps breaking their Rights.
    (The Freedom of Speech, Peaceful Protests against the wrong doings of the Government are a Right)
    Evil person: Rioting in the streets, threatening to kill people, spreading terror, because they didn't win.
    (Evil will never understand it is evil, but do not blame them, they have no control over themselves.)

  3. Look at the Wayne County election commission official website/ voter statistics.. Starting from page 93 0 registered voters.

    And unlike the liars accusing Cosby with out evidence.
    The first I wrote is my source.
    Wayne county election commission official website/ voter statistics starting from pagev93 &up

  4. Now I understand why trump gave his followers a huge tax break; they are going to use that extra money to pay for all those recounts, felled basic lawsuits and legal fees.

  5. Soooooo, does trump accept his defeat yet or is he starting a new cult? By the way, love the fact that a daily show hosted by a comedian is more honest than "the media", owh yeah, "if you want to teach/tell someone something, make it interesting" – someguy i don't know

  6. I have asked around, why do people Support Trump.
    I've only been given 2 reasons.
    Reason 1: Getting more money from their Job, or got a new job.
    Reason 2: No new wars.

    The Steel Tariffs Trump started did make people who work with Steel get more money.
    But it also cost some their jobs, and made people who need to buy steel lose more money.

    Trump might not have started a new weapons based ground wars,
    but he extended, and expanded the ones already going,
    instead of calming them down as he promised.
    He also started Economic wars with China and Israel.
    As well as a Cyber war with Russia.

  7. I think you've been paid by Zionist Shields that want a one world government and that want you to take rat poison and fluoride water and mercury-filled vaccinations and I think you're supporting agenda 21 population control and I think you're supporting the protocols of the learned Elders of Zion and pedophilia so you might want to think about that

  8. Do not underestimate the intelligence of Trump and his people.
    They may seem ignorant, stupid, and foolish, but the Devil controls them,
    and he is a fiendish trickster, and has already placed his people in places of power.

  9. Once Biden is in office and Trump is out and after taking care of the most pressing disasters, a committee needs to be formed to repair our voting system and maybe our whole democracy.

  10. The problem ….he can refuse and he can have the senate vote. Most of the senate is Republicans. I feel like he is trying to stay in office so therefore he won't face the charges in New York.

  11. Trevor continued to act like a pathetic Democrat puppet again….. even though his precious racist joe biden won

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